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Taking Care of You
& Your Best Friends
Client Services in Plantation, FL

At Central Broward Animal Hospital, we strive to make your life as a pet parent a little easier. We know that taking care of cats and dogs isn’t always fun and games—there are a lot of responsibilities but all of them don’t have to rest squarely on your shoulders. We’re here to help ease the burden by making quality veterinary care accessible, enjoyable, and personalized.

Take the Central Broward Journey

Hover over each image to see how we dedicate ourselves to making your experience easy, relaxing, and hassle-free.

Tap each image to see how we dedicate our practice and time to make your experience easy, relaxing, and hassle-free.


Our staff is ready to greet you.


Feel at ease in our waiting room.


Grab a snack during your wait.


Grab a fresh coffee for a pick-me-up.


Prescription diets available for your convenience.

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Pheromones keep pets calm.


We play neurologist-reviewed music to lower stress in pets.


Experience our excellent care.


We're committed to making you and your pet's experience the best it can be.

Low-Stress Care

When pets are happy and calm, their owners are less stressed, too. Our Fear Free trained staff are dedicated to creating a low-stress experience for both of you no matter what service you come in for. We take time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and ensure you fully understand your pet’s care.

Our low-stress environment also includes a complimentary snack and drinks table that serves coffee, soft drinks, snack bars, and more! While we always aim to keep our wait times as small as possible, we want to make any downtime for you enjoyable. So, if you’re looking to munch or quench your thirst, we got you!

kitten in a basket

Drop-Off Services

Instead of taking time from your busy day to bring your pet to the vet, why not drop them off for care? For no additional charge, clients are welcome to drop their pet off during the day for any of our services and then pick them up later. We’ll take care of all your pet’s needs and then spend a few minutes at pick-up with you to discuss any findings, ongoing care, or to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Call us below to schedule your pet’s drop-off appointment!

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dog jumping up

In-House Pharmacy For Your Convenience

Instead of ordering your pet’s medications online, order from our in-house pharmacy! You can pick up your pet’s prescription in our hospital, or we can deliver it to your car in our parking lot! Our in-house pharmacy has all the latest and most popular products including parasite preventatives, pain medications, supplements, prescription diets, and so much more!

Many online pharmacies are unreliable and may sell you expired, damaged, or incorrect medication. Purchasing directly from your veterinarian ensures your pet gets the right medication at the right dose. Furthermore, you may be eligible for manufacturers’ rebates and other deals that are not available at online pharmacies. Talk to us today about ordering from our in-house pharmacy!