cat and dog teeth cleaning in plantation, fl

Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning in Plantation and Ft. Lauderdale, FL A Keystone for Good Health

Your pet’s teeth and gums demand just as much care and attention as your own. Cats and dogs develop plaque and tartar, which harbor bacteria. These bacteria will slowly start to break down gum tissue and cause gingivitis. Over time, the bacteria will begin to break down the roots and bone of your pet’s teeth, causing periodontal disease—and a lot of discomfort for your furry friend! Luckily, dental disease is 100% preventable with routine at-home dental care and professional cat and dog teeth cleaning at our animal hospital in Plantation, FL.

cat and dog teeth cleaning in plantation and ft. lauderdale, fl

“Dog breath” isn’t normal; it could be a sign of dental disease!

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cat and dog teeth cleaning plantation, fl
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Signs of Dental Disease

Cats and dogs are masters at hiding signs of discomfort, so it’s not always easy to recognize signs of dental disease.

Signs you can watch for include:

  • Bad breath
  • Yellowed or brown teeth
  • Red, swollen gums
  • Difficulty eating
  • Reluctance to play with chew toys
  • Signs of blood in food and/or water bowl
  • Loose or missing teeth

How to Prevent Dental Disease in Dogs and Cats

Preventing gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other dental problems requires some diligence on your part as well as some help from us!

  • Brush your pet’s teeth daily. This may sound like a challenge, but with gentle persistence and training, your pet can learn to accept teeth brushing. Daily brushing is the single best way to reduce plaque and tartar build-up at home. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask us at your next visit!
  • Dental chews, treats, and prescription diets. If, despite your best efforts, your pet will not accept teeth brushing, don’t worry—there are other options! Dental chews and treats like CET chews and Greenies have special enzymes that help break down plaque and tartar with every bite. They are treats, though, so you’ll need to limit your pet’s consumption. Prescription dental diets are designed specifically to help reduce plaque and tartar. Ask your vet about this option at your next visit!
  • Annual vet visits. Our vets highly recommend annual wellness check-ups for every cat and dog, and your pet’s dental health is a huge part of these visits. We’ll perform a dental evaluation during your pet’s physical and if we see signs of disease, we’ll recommend a professional cleaning.
  • Professional teeth cleaning. For a complete clean and evaluation, a professional dental procedure is necessary. We’ll be able to clean your pet’s teeth above and below the gum line to remove hardened tartar and restore your pet’s oral health. Due to the intensive nature of this procedure, it requires general anesthesia for your pet’s safety.
pet teeth cleaning plantation, fl

Complete Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning

Our professional teeth cleaning services begin with pre-anesthetic blood work and an exam to ensure your pet is in optimal health before the procedure. Our teeth cleaning procedures help to prevent dental disease and can even reverse the early stages of disease.

Our dental services include:

  • Digital dental X-rays to assess the health of bone and roots below the gum line
  • A full evaluation, checking for periodontal pockets and other signs of disease
  • Ultrasonic and hand scaling to remove plaque and tartar from teeth above and below the gum line
  • Polishing of each tooth to smooth the enamel and reduce future tartar build-up
  • Extractions of damaged/broken teeth*

*If your pet needs extractions, we’ll discuss it with you first before we proceed. Furthermore, we’ll ensure your pet has appropriate pain medication so they wake with minimal discomfort.

For more information about our cat and dog teeth cleaning services, or to make an appointment, please contact us at (954) 792-6323.