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Our Animal Rescue Welfare Foundation

Our animal rescue welfare foundation, called the Aska Animal Welfare Foundation, is recognized as a 501c3 non-profit charity organization that helps homeless pets with medical issues get the care they need. Too often, pets with medical problems and no owner to care for them face euthanasia due to the cost of their care. So many shelters are already at capacity, and taking in a pet with medical issues is sadly too difficult and costly. With the Aska Animal Welfare Foundation, we’re able to use generous donations to provide the care these pets need to avoid euthanasia in a shelter and find them forever loving homes.


How We Got Our Name

Aska was a nurse and an incredible young woman at our hospital who was loved by all and believed that all life was precious. Sadly, she passed away from cancer at age 32. In her honor, we built this non-profit animal rescue welfare foundation so we could save animals slated for euthanasia at local shelters, provide them with quality medical care, and help them find loving families.

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How It Works

Our veterinarians all volunteer their time for this worthy cause, and all proceeds donated go directly to the medical care of the animals. You can donate online or make a contribution in person at our hospital.

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Our Work So Far

Central Broward Animal Hospital and the Aska Animal Rescue Foundation have rescued hundreds of animals, cared for them, and found them forever homes. We are working towards expanding our reach so that we can save more of these precious creatures. The foundation works hard every day caring for abandoned pets and giving them the second chance they so rightly deserve. Yet, to do more and save more lives, we need your help. Please consider making a donation today to support this cause and save more precious lives.

Find out more about the work we do:

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Adoptable Dogs & Cats in Plantation, FL

Central Broward Animal Hospital is not a humane society or animal rescue, but sometimes, we do have animals who come through our doors needing a forever home. When that happens, we dedicate ourselves to finding a loving home for these sweet animals.

Please feel free to call us at (954) 792-6323 to ask about any of the adoptable dogs and cats in our care. We can set up a time for you to visit the hospital to meet them in person.

The Adoption Process

In order to ensure our adoptable pets go to good, loving homes, we do require that you complete an application. This helps us determine if you are eligible for our adoption program. When you come to visit the pet you are interested in adopting, we can give you the form to fill out. Please return the form to us in person, or scan it to our email at

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Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

Before you commit to being a pet parent, consider the following questions to ensure you’re able to give the pet the home they truly deserve:

Do you have time for a pet?

Cats and dogs need daily attention and love, just like humans. It can be time-consuming to keep a pet clean, well-fed, healthy, and exercised. Are you and your family ready for this commitment?

Do you have room for a new pet/are you permitted to own a pet where you live?

If you live in an apartment or rental, it might be necessary to get your landlord’s approval before you bring a pet home. Sometimes, additional security deposits may be necessary in order for you to own a pet in a rental.

Space is important from the biggest to the smallest pets. An indoor cat will need room for a litter box, as well as places to roam, jump, and climb safely in order for them to get the exercise they need to stay healthy. Many dogs need a yard to run around outside and let off steam. If you don’t have a yard, keep in mind that your dog may need more walks or trips to the dog park in order to get the exercise they need.

Can you afford a pet?

Pet ownership is not cheap. It can be costly to add your pet’s food, supplies, vet visits, parasite prevention, licenses, and more to your monthly bills. When you travel, you’ll need to consider the costs of a pet sitter or a boarding facility. Before you decide to add a new pet to your family, sit down and make up a budget for their estimated costs to inform your decision.

Do you have the patience?

A new pet can bring such joy to your home, but they also bring a lot of work. Be aware that it can take several months for them to fully adjust to their new home. Accidents will happen. Do you have the patience to handle these with grace and kindness?