Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

Do you exercise your dog enough? Do you give them plenty of chances to get out, stretch their legs, and burn off energy? Are you worried about your dog getting overweight because of their exercise limits?

Many dog parents are surprised to realize their dogs are not getting enough exercise. Even small dogs need regular daily exercise, and some breeds need a lot more than others! In the article below, we’ll dive deeper into the world of canine exercise and help you learn more about just how much your dog really needs. Read on to find out more.

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Dogs need exercise, regardless of breed.

You might think that your dog doesn’t need a lot of exercise if you have a small toy breed. You might also believe that a dog who is bred to be a companion doesn’t need a lot of time to play and walk, either. Both of these concepts are inaccurate.

A companion-bred dog may not need as much active play as a dog that comes from a breed intended for sport or hunting. However, all dogs need to be exercised every day. Even the smallest of dog breeds benefit from regular exercise.

Your dog’s age may not limit him as much as you think.

Many pet owners think their dogs are unable to exercise because they are old. However, this is often not the case! Older dogs are just as capable of exercising as younger dogs, but you might need to tone down the speed at which you walk or the impact of the play style you choose.

If you’re concerned about your dog’s ability or need to exercise because of their age or health issues, you can talk to your vet for recommendations. Otherwise, if your dog is healthy and strong, being older does not keep them from being able to play and walk.

Start slow with puppies or out-of-shape dogs.

If you are getting a new puppy started on an exercise routine, make sure you start slow. Begin with just 15 minutes of exercise per day and work your way up from there. Puppies need time to grow into their bodies before they require a lot of exercise.

Dogs who have been very out of shape for a long time also need to slowly ease into exercising. You can work your dog up to longer routines over time, but once again, it is best to start with about 15 minutes per day and go from there.

Aim for 45 minutes of exercise per day.

Dogs need at least 45 minutes of exercise each day for the best results. This time can be split up over a few 15-minute walks or outside play sessions, or you can try to get it all taken care of at once. Just make sure you aren’t pushing your dog or yourself too much at one time.

If your dog is able to handle it in terms of his health, it is better to aim for an hour or more of exercise per day. Of course, if they are an older dog or have health concerns, this is not always the case.

Try to go on two walks per day.

Most dogs can benefit greatly from two walks per day. This should include one faster walk for physical exercise and one slower walk for mental stimulation. By combining both of these, your dog can get everything they need in their outside time.

Of course, if you have a large backyard with a fence, your dog may be able to get some of their exercise from running around and playing in the yard instead. Just make sure they are playing instead of just sitting or lying down!

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Take health into consideration.

Don’t neglect your dog’s health (and your own) when it comes to exercise routines. For example, if your dog has heartworm disease, they may be unable to go on long walks or exercise as long as other dogs can—and that is okay.


As you can see, there is a lot to learn about exercising your dog properly. And if you haven’t been giving your dog enough exercise so far, don’t worry—it’s never too late to start! Your dog is sure to be happy with more exercise in their life, so don’t wait to get started. In the end, it is best to follow the advice of your vet for your specific dog’s exercise and health requirements.

If you have any concerns about your dog’s health or wellness, or if you just want to make sure extra exercise is really right for them, talk to your vet for more information. Your vet can let you know if there are any reasons why you should avoid exercising your dog and can help you choose the right plan, too.

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