Pet Adoptions

Issues to consider before adopting a pet

Do you have time for a pet?

As with people, pets need daily love and attention. It can be time consuming to devote daily attention to keeping a pet clean, well fed, healthy, and providing daily exercise. Are you ready for this sort of commitment?

Are you permitted to and do you have room for a new pet?

Many apartment residents must seek the landlord or management's permission to house a pet. At times additional security deposits must be paid in order for pet ownership to be approved.

All pets, no matter how small, need a place to sleep and room to roam around the house. Inside cats need to have an area for their litter box, while dogs should have a fenced yard where they can play safely.

Can you afford a pet?

There are basic expenses that go along with pet ownership that should be considered. Grooming, pet food, and general pet care supplies, as well as annual inoculations and license fees can add up. When animals are ill, they need veterinary care. If you travel, there will be boarding costs or transportation fees if your pet travels with you. Be realistic when budgeting for your new pet to ensure you are able to sufficiently and comfortably provide for it.

Do you have patience?

When a pet is brought into a new home, it can take up to several months for it to become totally comfortable in its new environment. No matter how well trained and behaved a pet is, accidents may occur. Can you be patient and forgiving?

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